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This is the amount you pay initially for the product before being activated and used. It is what we term as "Fixed For Life" pricing. This means that the price you pay for the initial registration of the product is permanent. You will never need to pay for any additional yearly charges whatsoever.

24/7 Phone Support
You also get free phone support with this price package. Please note that, unlike the other price package, we only support you on phone. If you ever require support other than phone then you may be required to pay additional service charges which, at this point, still remains variable.

The amount in this package is Ghc499

This is a yearly subscription-based optional services package which comes after the initial package subscription. Without this package you can still move on using your system normally, but this package gives you extended support for your system in terms of the following:

  1. Cloud data backup
    A copy of your local data is backed up onto our remote webservers using a data synchronisation module built into the system. In this case once you realise that the local copy of your data is corrup you can login to your client area and restore your data, sometimes even without our intervention.

  2. Regular system updates support
    The system will be set to check for regular updates and then automatically download and install them even without your intervention once you're online.

  3. Remote data access
    You will be able to access your entire membership data online just like accessing it locally. This makes it easy to monitor the system and generate reports wherever and whenever.

  4. Church member access support
    Members are enabled to access information through their own members' area. Once they login they will be able to access their attendance record and also check their downline attendance performance so as to follow up on them where necessary.

    They will also be able to access church programmes calendar and any up-coming events right from their phones or computers at the comfort of their homes and workplaces.

  5. Remote control system support
    We connect to your system from our remote server when you run into any issue in the course of using your system so as to solve the issue for you right there and then.
The amount in this package is Ghc299/yr
  1. How do I make payment?
    You can make payment eigther through the bank or by mobile money transfer. Currently we only support Vodafone Cash for the mobile money and GT Bank for the bank payment.

    Please see below for our bank account and mobile money details.

  2. How will my system be activated?
    Once your payment is confirmed we then send you the activation code through your client access area of our system or by email. You then login to your client access area to view your registration details and then copy and paste the code into the "Reg. Code" field of your system to have it activated.

  1. Account Name:
    5R Systems

  2. Account Number:

  3. Bank:
    Gurantee Trust (GT) Bank

  4. Branch:
    Opera Square, Accra.

  1. Vodafone:
    020 4 566 262

  2. Airtel:
    coming soon

  3. MTN:
    coming soon

  4. Tigo:
    027 3 771 225

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